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As part of a Canadian company with locations all over North America and the world, our independently owned franchise is an excellent choice for any Home Inspection needs. We are licensed, bonded and fully insured.

As our clients, you will be given the respect, thoroughness, and knowledge that you deserve and that we know is required for your referral. Every referral we receive is a statement of trust in us, our international brand, and the quality service we strive to provide every day of the week.

Selling a home is stressful and there are many things you may be worried about. We can provide you with some much needed peace of mind. Rest assured, you are in good hands when you choose A Buyer's Choice - our passion for family, integrity and our community are at work for you!

Licensed Certified Master Home Inspectors



Your Buyer's Choice home inspector in the Calgary, Alberta area!

Jeremy and Reuben are experienced inspectors that have achieved the Certified Master Inspector designation. They are born and raised Calgarians that take pride in their hometown. They have lived in several homes in and out of the City over the years, and have come to appreciate the diversity and beauty that is to be enjoyed in this great city. This has made it the ideal place for them to live with their families.

Though they are plenty different, Jeremy and Reuben have always been great friends and still share a lot in common. They share an interest in many activities and adventures, including: fishing, hockey, hiking, and most of all, time with their wives and children. It is this dedication to family that brings passion and dedication to their work as Home Inspectors.

They know the importance of a home and the immeasurable value it has to a family as the place they spend their time together. They prefer to sleep good at night knowing there are no leaks and that their family is safe. They prefer to talk with guests about subjects other than the issues they've been having with the basement. And, they prefer that their clients don't have to deal with those worries either, especially in a home they just purchased.

Not to be understated, Jeremy & Reuben are also concerned about living with integrity. They believe that how they conduct themselves in public and in private is of the utmost importance. Raised in a family with solid moral convictions and beliefs, they desire to stand for more than their bottom line. Every inspection they perform is about far more than a house, it is an opportunity to serve and take care of a person or a family during a process that is very important to them.

Whatever building or home inspection services you need, give us a call. We're happy to help! We offer flexible scheduling to suit your needs, and when available, both of us can be on-site to complete your inspection in less time. Contact us today!

If you're not in the Calgary area, don't worry, chances are there is A Buyers Choice in your area.